Healthy Remedies

Healthy Remedies

Are you going to have a heart attack in the next 360 DAYS?

1.)    You have no symptoms of heart attack,

You have a doctor you trust,

You have insurance,

You have sick time built up at work…

You think you are in good health, but you are over 45,

No worries?


       2.)    Or possibly you have no insurance or government insurance,

 You do not have a cardiologist,

You suspect heart issues, but not diagnosed yet,

Financially you have to work and you can’t afford any time off.


3.)    Or would you like to know in advance,

 You want to avoid the most scariest ride of your life to the hospital, not knowing if it is your last ride…

You want to Avoid surgery,

You want to Avoid rehab and recovery time, and a lifetime of drugs,

And most of all avoid the odds of death, by being proactive and know in advance,

That you have time prevent the heart attack all together!

For everyone there is a simple test that you can get without a prescription, without your doctor’s permission ( , that will positively predict, based upon the hormones your brain produces prior to a heart attack, if you are going to have a heart attack in the next 360 days and up to 5 years before the fatal event.


 Why hasn’t my doctor told me about this?

 Why hasn’t this test been on every night newscast, every station?

Why does every emergency doctor require this test when heart patients come into the ER?

Does this test have anything to do with my magnesium levels?

Will this test prevent a heart attack?

I’ve already had a heart attack, will this test help me?

I have Congestive Heart Failure, if I take the test, then what?

How much will the test cost me? $279

If I find out the odds are against me, IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO?

What is the name of the test? BNP, BNP, brain natriuretic peptide 


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