Healthy Remedies

Healthy Remedies

Cayenne and Cinnamon the Healers?

healthy herbs cinnamon Cayenne and cinnamon are two herbs that when taken in conjunction with minerals or vitamins, the assimilation of the vitamin or mineral is more complete than when consumed without cayenne or cinnamon.
Cayenne herb is derived from grinding the dried pepper fruit, Capsicum frutescens, to a fine powder form and then taken in bulk or capsule. Cayenne has a medicinal ingredient called Capsaicin. Cayenne also includes carotenoids, as well as vitamins E and C.
Cayenne is also called a cooking spice.Testimonial on the World Wide Web claim cayenne is used as a blood purifier, to improve circulation, aid digestion, headaches, heart disease, sore throats, chronic pain, and toothache.

Cinnamon is an herb that is made from ground tree bark. Cinnamon is one of the oldest herbs used and recorded in the Bible and ancient Chinese medicine books about 2700 B.C.

There are over one hundred varieties of the Cinnamonum veru. The most popular being Cinnamomun aromaticum (Chinese cinnamon). and Cinnamonum zeylanicum (Ceylon cinnamon).Ceylon cinnamon is harvested in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, the Caribbean and Madagascar. Chinese cinnamon is from Indonesia, Vietnam and China.The healing properties of cinnamon are attributed to the essential oils in the bark; cinnamyl acetate, cinnamyl alcohol and cinnamaldehyde. Studies have shown that cinnamon has anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory effects in the blood system. The essential oils also qualify as a very effective anti-microbial stopping excess growth of bacteria and fungi. Cinnamon has been discovered as a natural blood sugar regulator, benefiting diabetics and improving the body’s utilization of blood sugar for most consumers. Brain function is improved while the odor of cinnamon is present. Visual-motor speed, virtual recognition memory, and working memory are improved while smelling cinnamon. The results in students show improved test scores and enhanced cognitive processing.

Cinnamon is an excellent form of manganese, fiber, iron and calcium. This combination of trace minerals and fiber can help; reduce the risk of colon cancer, lower high cholesterol levels, help prevent heart disease and atherosclerosis, and can be an alternative for irritable bowel syndrome sufferers aiding in constipation or diarrhea.


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