Healthy Remedies

Healthy Remedies

Colloidal Gold Nerve and Memory Support

Colloidal gold in Biblical Times? Moses was the first recorded account of using gold to drink, Exodus 32:20. Ancient physicians used gold for arthritis, depression, energy and still today the Chinese bring their long history of therapeutic colloidal gold use to the forefront as valid today as it has been for centuries.

Colloidal gold is ruby red colored and made with high voltage to produce particles small enough to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This product is considered non-ionic, true colloidal and a nerve, memory, arthritis supplement.

Colloidal gold is not as well known as colloidal silver but has a longer history of use and is very stable to keep. Most of our reference to gold has been for currency exchange or jewelry. Diatomic Gold is gold found in sea water that is rendered and sometimes diluted with colloidal gold for a mind supplement.

Gold water has been sold for over 100 years to augment the use of gold coins in cooking and gold coins implanted under the skin. More recently Dr. A. Brinckmann and Dr. Nilo Cairo wrote a popular selling book titled “Materia Medica”. This medical study and compilation quoted Colloidal Gold as the primary use against obesity. Throughout the world colloidal gold studies and uses increase. Gold is one of the trace minerals of the body. A depletion of the mineral gold in the body has a profound effect on mental and physical functions. The low presence of gold for extended periods of time seem to have a coincidence with disease.

Colloidal Gold Mind and Body Maintenance Supplement is 10 PPM with nano sized particles for easy assimilation.

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