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Healthy Remedies

Colloidal Silver 1100 PPM

Colloidal Silver 1100 PPM

Colloidal Silver 1100 PPM Immune Support. This natural antibiotic has been highlighted as one of the agents that are combined with new technology and science to protect food containers, washing machines, colloidal silver remediesband-aids, sport socks and hunting gear.

Colloidal Silver has recently been written up in the Wall Street Journal as an alternative to fighting germs, bacteria and disease. Colloidal Silver 1100 PPM Immune Support is the same formula that has been sold for 102 years.

The world wide internet has testimonials from individuals that have used colloidal silver and their results. Due to governmental restrictions we are not allowed to publicize the results of the product and sell it too.

1. There is a lot of discussion about which colloidal silver to use as a supplement?
2. Which colloidal silver could be harmful?
3. What about ionic colloidal silver and non-ionic silver?
4. Is there a “true colloidal silver”?
5. Are vendors creating a maze of confusion or is there a truth hidden somewhere within?
6. What about protein colloidal silver? Is it any good?
7. What about so called doctors with websites that claim colloidal silver is not good.

Are there answers to these questions that are non-bias?

1. The colloidal silver supplement to buy would be the one that fits your needs. Wheat taken in excess can be harmful to the body. Most prescription drugs have far greater possible side effects than the benefits. Most colloidal silver sold today will give you some positive results.
2. Colloidal Silver CAN BE HARMFUL IF TAKEN IN EXCESS, REGARDLESS WHO YOU BUY IT FROM! The key is follow the recommended use on the label.
3. We do not debate ionic and non-ionic colloidal silver. “Non-ionic” colloidal silver produced by high voltage is a newcomer to the colloidal silver world. Colloidal Silver Protein has always been non-ionic. They both give positive results. Ionic colloidal silver has very large particles, is usually clear and should be avoided (and is usually homemade).
4. This term “true colloidal silver” is a marketing ploy by venders to confuse you the reader. The definition of “colloidal” is in this case: a metal in the form of very small particles suspended in a solution. Most colloidal silvers sold meet this criteria and are thus: true colloidal silver. End of discussion!
5. Every vendor has a sales pitch. It should inform you not confuse you. The truth is, industry is now aware and incorporating colloidal silver in our everyday products because colloidal silver has proven benefits. We sell all the colloidal silvers made with the methods mentioned except ionic colloidal silver.
6. Colloidal silver that has a suspension agent of protein is the most reliable and oldest process used to produce colloidal silver in excess of 30 PPM. We sell it.
7. BEWARE!!! There are several websites that are moderated by “doctors” (even if one is a psychologist) that claim to have your best interest at heart and that colloidal silver is harmful to you and if you take it you will contract argyria (skin turns blue). When these naysayerers refuse to acknowledge the scientific research that large industry has now accepted such as; military and foreign governments use of water purification plants that use colloidal silver to protect our troops from bacteria and disease, Samsungs incorporation of colloidal silver use in washing machines, Curad USA that incorporates colloidal silver in their hospital wound bandages and consumer band-aids, Sharper Image has incorporated colloidal silver in plastic food storage containers to keep food from bacteria spoilage, Adidas, and Polartec have used colloidal silver in their manufacturing of sports wear to prevent bacteria growth, then one would have to wonder who is paying these “doctors” and who benefits when YOU DO NOT BUY COLLOIDAL SILVER? You or the large pharmaceuticals that wont be selling antibiotics…? Remember ONLY YOU can preserve your health with natural remedies!

History has well documented the importance of colloidal silver and the benefits of this supplement. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our products including Colloidal Silver 1100 PPM.

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