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Healthy Remedies

Colloidal Silver 3000 Years Later


Colloidal silver is similar the sun’s light. The light keeps coming and regardless of the nights, we see the world clearer the next morning. The Egyptians used silver in bandages, meals and utensils. Later the Greeks found preservative qualities in silver and used silver to preserve freshness in foods and liquid drinks. The disinfectant qualities of silver for drinking water was discovered by the Druids. colloidal silver remediesThe King and Queens and their families of Europe dined on silver plates, silver utensils, cooked with silver cookware and drank from silver goblets and glasses. This form of ingesting minute silver particles that we recognize as colloidal silver had an astounding affect of longer healthier lives for the privileged royal families. 

The visionaries that sold their homes and migrated across an unsettled America in covered wagons placed silver coins in their milk pails and water kegs to prevent bacteria growth and prolong spoilage. Although this was not colloidal silver the effects were similar. 

German obstetrician F. Crede, in 1834 administered a 1% colloidal silver in the eyes of new-born infants, to prevent diseases that would cause blindness.

One hundred and six years ago true colloidal silver was formulated and distributed worldwide as mild protein colloidal silver. This colloidal silver was made using a protein to aid in silver suspension. This mild protein colloidal silver was used as an effective non-toxic antibiotic by physicians until 1938. Mild protein colloidal silver is the most used, most studied and oldest known of all colloidal silver. 

The discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming caused the mild protein colloidal silver to no longer be classed as a drug and was then sold over the counter as a supplement and remains in that category today.Governments and industry now incorporate colloidal silver in water purification plants, disinfectant solutions, bandages, underwear, clothing, food storage containers and appliances to accomplish two things; kill bacteria and kill virus!

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