Healthy Remedies

Healthy Remedies

Colloidal Silver the Household Supplement Granny Recommended

colloidal silverColloidal Silver supplement has been called a remedy by Grandmother since before I was born. Grandma told us to use colloidal silver on burns because the doctors do. colloidal silver remediesGranny used to pour colloidal silver on our cuts and bites saying it would kill the germs. My mother’s mother had a remedy for every imaginable ailment but swore that colloidal silver would help most problems that needed a remedy.

Colloidal silver was not a cure all but Mimi would stock up at the health food store for the next remedy crisis. Although my granny did not have a colloidal silver generator she used a lot of colloidal silver. She claimed many benefits of colloidal silver. Grandma said colloidal silver would kill bacteria, yeast and virus so at cold and flu season we all “got dosed”! Grand-mama said we needed our minerals and 75 trace colloidal minerals were needed for a healthy body and she planned on us not running out of the one mineral she had that was one of the 75 and that was colloidal silver.

A colloid is a solid, in this case silver metal, that is broken down in small enough particles that the metal particles will remain in solution but travel through a membrane such as “absorbed into the blood stream from the stomach”.

There are many colloidal products. The most popular and best known colloidal are colloidal silver and colloidal gold. However there are many colloidal minerals sold as trace minerals such as colloidal copper, colloidal platinum and zinc. These colloidal supplements are the base for many remedies.

Liquid colloidal minerals usually have most of the 75 trace minerals included, these are colloidal suspensions.

Grandma’s colloidal silver was a topical antiseptic and a mineral supplement that was taken orally. We stayed healthy, we played hard and never questioned Grandma’s remedies. Her colloidal silver remedy worked!

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