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Healthy Remedies

Colloidal Silver, Widespread Flu

Colloidal Silver and Widespread Flu are seldom in the same title, however on week 7, 2/08, CDC released a statement that the Flu shot missed the mark this year and only covered 40% of the virus strains causing the flu. When the flu shot is selected a year in advanced it is a crap shoot as to which flu virus strain will cripple the nation 12 months later. Colloidal silver is an immune system support. As one of the micro nutrient minerals needed for good health, colloidal silver supports a healthy immune system enabling the body to fight the enfluenza virus with its own defense mechanism. Colloidal silver is also a trace element.colloidal silver remedies

Florida is the only state at this time that does not have widespread flu in the nation. All others are inundated with an epidemic of flu. Last week 5 states were outside the definition of widespread flu. Next week it is expected to be 100% widespread flu coast to coast. Because a flu virus can mutate in 15 days, we can no longer depend on a vaccine that is 12 months old when flu season hits. The key is to have your immune system at its optimum when the flu season arrives. Drink a lot of fluids. Take your colloidal silver supplements for immune system support. Colloidal Silver, along with all other supplements, are natural remedies that large pharmaceutical companies would like regulated.

See a physcian if you are in doubt that you have the flu before your body falls into a weakened condition. Watch the flu map for flu contamination in your area.

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