Healthy Remedies

Healthy Remedies

Colon Cleanse and the Gallbladder

Hippocrates stated, “The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

The eating habits of modern-day man has changed significantly from that of a hundred years ago. The increased consumption of white flour and sugar compounded with pollutants, metals, pathogens and foreign substances has abused, clogged and polluted our intestinal tract.

The overweight American has a diversity of complications regarding their health. The lack of exercise, and the consumption of dead foods, and the wholesale drinking of cola drinks has given the body an overload of sugar, destroying the B-complex vitamins and has impacted the colon of everyone that falls in this habitual rut.

These eating habits influence not only the organs of the body but will also reduce your ability to make decisions, reduces your energy, and diminishes your strength.

Many health disorders are the result of clogged internal organs not function properly. The organs are impacted with built up matter not normally seen in healthy organs. Colon impaction of fecal matter, gallbladder of gall stones, kidney with kidney stones, arteries with plaque are all a direct result of improper nutrition and eating habits.

Our body notifies us with “symptoms” when it can no longer handle the polluting of the organs. To regain good health, the accumulated trash in the body needs to be eliminated and then the healing force within will help us to get well. Good health does not come from taking drugs. An alternate way of life can be excepted when drugs are taken… (not always the good life). Antioxidants have been heralded as a giver of true health, when in fact, although they are very good for the body, your best health can be attained by eliminating the living and non-living foreign substances that are hampering the primary organs from performing natural, peak functions.

Processed foods include solvents, dyes, toxins, chemicals, and metals that when ingested are stored in organs and fat tissues and are received by the body as foreign matter. The accumulation of this foreign matter usually will result in disease or infection.

Daily doses of massive toxic pollutants invade the body and provide a thriving environment for viruses, parasites, fungus and bacteria. Our immune system cannot keep up with this health jeopardizing diet. To correct the damage that has been done to date we must realize that the colon affects every organ and every part of our body. We must cleanse the colon, second, perform a liver cleanse, and then cleanse the kidneys. The next step is to review your diet and eliminate those items that are polluting your body.

It has been said that every major disease can be traced back to an unhealthy colon. So if “death starts in the colon” then we we need to pay more attention to keeping a clean healthy colon!

The gallbladder has a function in normal digestion, yet thousands will have the gallbladder removed rather than take a few hours to perform a gallstone remedy.

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