Healthy Remedies

Healthy Remedies

Healing, Sickness and Being Well

Healing, we have learned that we rejuvenate and replace all the cells in our body each 7-10 years we are alive. When our bodies are sick our immune system fights the sickness until healing can be initiated. buy colloidal silver NowThe healing process of rebuilding your body parts are time sensitive to the specific organ.colloidal silver remedies The liver can take up to 2 years to completely rejuvenate. This healing is cell by cell replacement. The old diseased cell is replaced with a brand new cell until the entire organ is new again.

Many supplement users have commented that after two months they have not noticed “much change” in their overall consciousness. Let’s determine why. The 2nd largest organ of the body is your skin. Of all the organs in the body, skin is renewed the quickest. Skin is completely replaced in 3-4 weeks. The skeleton takes up to 10 years to restore. All other organs are in between this range of 4 weeks and ten years. Kidneys can take up to 14 months to renew, red blood cells, 3-4 months, stomach, 12 months, heart 16 months. So as we understand that it took years of neglect for our bodies to get into a “weakened” condition, we can better understand that it will take the “allotted time” to repair and rejuvenate a complete body tuneup. One day, after caring for your body with preventative immune support supplements and whole food supplements, you will suddenly realize, “I feel good!” The discomforts you lived with for years fades away in the same manner that they crept into your body, SLOWLY.

Sickness can delay repair of the body and in some cases destroy the body. Antibiotics, steroids and some medications can inhibit healing, until these agents are eliminated from the body. Steroids can inadvertently be stored in the hips to later induce arthritis and weakened bone structure.

REMEMBER, the body heals itself while you are asleep. Don’t ignore sufficient rest.

Being well is a conscious choice of lifestyle. Diet, correct supplementation, stress relief and the lack of medication can promote natural cell displacement, retard the aging process and allow us to have active lives with strong alert bodies and minds.

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