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Plant derved Minerals Herbal Remedies to support a weakened immune support or body function have been available since man first started consuming herbs. buy colloidal silver NowThe physiology of herbs and their interaction within the body does cause the healing process to be enhanced. Few home remedy users understand that each herb draws particular minerals from the ground. These minerals are called trace minerals. Most trace minerals are supposed to be in our everyday diet. Over the past thousands of years, erosion, leaching and recently poor farming habits have depleted the minerals from the farm ground so few if any trace minerals are in the food we harvest today.

Herbs that store specific minerals drive roots as much as a hundred feet into the soil searching for the minerals it needs to survive. Herbalists have found that wild harvested herbs are more potent than farm raised herbs. The reason is simple, find wild growing herbs and you will find the herb plant is sitting on ground that naturally has a mineral that the herb REQUIRES to produce enzymes and chemicals that are good for us as a remedy.
Two time award winner of the Nobel Laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Gary Price Todd, author of Nutrition, Health and Disease, and Dr. Ken O’Neill, Naturopath agree that a healthy body requires a minimum of 60 to 75 essential trace minerals and that all disease can be traced to mineral deficiency.

Herbal remedies work because the herb plant stores remedy benefits in the plant tissues. The human body can assimilate up to 50% of minerals stored in plant material but only 8% or less of most metal minerals attained from rocks. One of the minerals that we forget about is iodine. Most individuals think of iodine and the thyroid. The lack of iodine affects EVERY cell in the body. Most do not realize that iodine is important to the proper function of the HEART, LIVER, FEMALE ORGANS, and NERVES. Iodine is depleted by long term stress. A simple test for iodine: Paint a 2” round solid circle on the inside of your forearm with liquid iodine (1% from WalMart for cuts and wounds). If the large round circle disappears in less than 24 hours, you are iodine deficient. Email for the best iodine supplement available.

We have heard all of our lives the best “herbal remedy” that works is prevent the disease, don’t wait till it appears in your body. “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. There is only one region that we know of that has all 75 plant derived colloidal minerals in one place from the Senonian Age that can be taken in capsule form. This supplement is for good health support and supplies all essential and trace minerals absent from the food we eat. Herbal remedies in a capsule. Bon appétit!
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