Healthy Remedies

Healthy Remedies

Insomnia Recipes

There are several reasons why a person can not get to sleep, including sleep apnea, snoring, leg movements, stress and age. These recipes are for individuals that find themselves staring at the ceiling, can’t go to sleep, but are not willing to cave in to prescription sleeping pills. You may need treatment for sleep disorders, but there are natural remedies that work very well.

Simply closing your eyes and nodding off to sleep, no longer is an option? So there is the long stare at the ceiling, that includes hours of anguish, tossing and turning, and still no sleep…

If you have the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep or daytime drowsiness you are suffering from insomnia. If stress is prevalent in your life such as work related, schedule changes, fatigue, medication, dramatic events, or family issues, make every effort to reduce the stress levels so that adequate sleep may be obtained.

Tea Recipes:

1 teaspoon of dried passionflower.
1 cup boiling water.
Let steep for 15 minutes before drinking.
Simple great tasting, insomnia tea.

1/3 teaspoon of dried passionflower.
2/3 teaspoon Valerian root
1 cup boiling water.
Let steep for 15 minutes before drinking.
More potent, insomnia tea with fair taste.

1 teaspoon Valerian root
1 cup boiling water.
Let steep for 15 minutes before drinking.
Most potent, insomnia tea, poor taste, but soothing.

1 teaspoon, your choice of (chamomile, skullcap, linden, lemon balm or hops)
1 cup boiling water.
Let steep for 15 minutes before drinking.
Relaxing insomnia teas with good taste.

Pillow Recipe:

Take a clean older pillow case and mix (all dried herbs) in a cup of chamomile, 1 cup of hops, 1 cup of lavender and a cup of rose petals, stitch the pillowcase closed and place this herb filled pillowcase between your sleeping pillow and its pillowcase. Now fluff your new herbal pillow, and it will release sleepy aromas.

Transfer Energy:

Before spending too much time staring at the ceiling, soak a washcloth with cold water, lie in bed on your back and put the cold compress on your abdomen. Some believe the compress will pull energy from the head to the torso thus relieving stress that is keeping you awake.

Recipe 100:

Start counting backwards from 100, slowly expressing each number silently to yourself. If you lose your place or forget what number you said, start over.

Music recipe:

Search for light hearted Baroque music by Bach, Händel, Vivaldi, Monteverdi and play this music as a sleep inducer.

Sleep Tonic:

1 teaspoon Siberian ginseng extract. Quiets the nerves and allows you to enter a state of slumber.

Imagine sleep through visualization:

Assume your normal sleep position, relax and imagine a setting that is real, calming, such as a seashore or high mountain view. If this doesn’t conjure up scenes of relaxation then go to a place in your mind, that you were actually at, that was soothing, such as a lake visit, swinging in a hammock or reclining in a lawn chair. Imagine smelling the fresh air and hearing the subtle sounds of harmony, simple bird sounds, water lapping at your feet, leaves rustling in the breeze, imagine your toes in the water, the sun upon your arms and relax and live the imagination. Sleep is next.

Sleep Ticnture:
3 Tablespoons of black cohosh root
1 cup brandy
Cover and let stand for three weeks
Take 20- 30 drops of the new ticnture in a cup of warm water 30 minutes before retiring,
drink the entire cup.
Place a drop of lavender oil inside the ear. Pleasant dreams.

Aging causes insomnia. Antiaging supplements help support natural sleep patterns.


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