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Key Lime Whisper, not just another pie

key lime recipeKey lime whisper is the best key lime recipe that will ever be prepared! If you have had key lime pie on graham cracker crust with a neon green filling then you have had a concoction dreamed up in a Betty Bocker kitchen and full of marketing pooh! On the other hand if you have had a key lime pie on a regular pie shell, filling light yellow and piled high with a mountain of meringue, then you have had an original “Florida Cracker” delight! (Seldom made any longer in this original form.) If you have had lemon pie and thought key lime pie would taste the simular, you are in for the best eating shock of your life! KEY LIME WHISPER…

Key lime whisper has been a closely guarded secret of one family. Unless you were invited to their home, went to their socials, or happened to be at a relative’s feed when the Florida family brought dessert, then you would not have had a chance to sample this fine extraordinary key lime whisper (pie kinda…). I had a chance to visit with the ladies about their secret but was referred to the Patriarch for the family history.

Here is his story:

    “Key lime pie was a seasonal dessert, before key lime groves and commercial processing plants, frozen dessert isles and neon green filling. You used to make key lime pie when the fruit ripened in your backyard. OK?
    As a child I went to the November Swamp Buggy Days Bazaar, in Naples Florida, where the pies lined 5th Avenue for blocks, while the parade of Swamp Buggies and Southern Belles in their hoop skirts, turned the heads of favorite sons as well as the occasional Yankee Snowbird. Dad would buy a pie assured that it was key lime, verified by an ominous code written on the tablecloth. At home, the first cut revealed that we had a lemon pie, WHAT A DISSAPPOINTMENT.
    Mom couldn’t get her version of key lime pie to set up, so we waited a year for this treat. No chance of going back to town for another… so we waited for the next Swamp Buggy Days. Once we drove to Miami to a famous pie store that only made key lime pie. What a treat that was. If you got there after lunch they were already sold out, so we knew we weren’t the only ones liking key lime pie.
    After getting grown and married I convinced my Okie bride to give it a key lime whirl. From the first pie, they, every one set up, (bless you Mom), each made in a flaky “regular” pie crust, just like the Bazaar, but I asked her to “hold” the “calf slobber”, (meringue) as I really preferred the taste of KEY LIME.
    While enjoying my sweetheart’s (wife’s) other desserts, the thought occurred to me, what a wonderful crust! She explained it as a pecan crust (homemade of course) but not rolled or risen or punched or whatever they do to make piecrust, this one she proclaimed was simple and easy. Well you guessed it, that new crust made it to the key lime pie recipe.
    Within months, while eating another sweetheart specialty (I love her cookin!), I discovered another taste that couldn’t be ignored, cream cheese kinda filling. You guessed it, we incorporated it on the bottom and Key lime Whisper was born! …
    Recipe, you want the recipe? Lots of luck, you will have to ask the Sweetheart…”

Well I did ask and as they gazed at each other, a nod was given and a prerequisite stated, “You must always call it Key Lime Whisper (the reason was withheld) and never reveal our identity, as this is just too good to keep to ourselves any longer…”

FREE Key Lime Recipe

    Key Lime Whisper Recipe
    Pecan Crust
    1 ¼ cup flour
    ½ cup finely chopped pecans
    ½ cup butterPreheat oven to 400°. Soften butter to near liquid state and mix with flour and pecans. Press crust mixture evenly over the bottom of a 13″ x 9″ pan. Bake for 20 minutes until golden brown. Cool completely.Cream Cheese Layer
    1 cup sugar
    8-oz cream cheese packet
    1 cup CoolWhip
    ½ tsp vanillaSoften cream cheese slightly, and beat with sugar in a large mixing bowl. Add vanilla and CoolWhip and beat until thoroughly mixed. Spread over cooled pecan crust.

    Key Lime Layer
    12 egg yolks, slightly beaten (will not set up if you use less eggs!)
    two 15 oz cans sweetened condensed milk
    1 cup Nellie and Joe’s Key Lime Juice

    Beat egg yolks in condensed milk. Add lime juice and blend well. Pour mixture over cream cheese layer immediately. Cover with aluminum foil and place in refrigerator. For best results, let pie set undisturbed for 24 hours.

One last comment from the Patriarch, “Draw the drapes, lock the doors, and don’t raise the keylime whisper above your head for fear your tongue will beat your brains out trying for a taste!”

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