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Nail Fungus Remedy

Nail Fungus remedy, toe fungus AKA: dermatophytic onychomycosis or tinea unguium

toe nail fungustreated with colloidal silver, oil of oregano, tea tree oil, Pau d’arco tea, cornmeal, olive leaf oil, mentholatum vicks, snake root, Listerine, vinegar, surgically remove the nail, “yada yada, more “cultus wawa” (needless chatter). We have heard the remedies that are topical remedies that have an effect but not an answer for the stubborn re- occurrence of the NAIL FUNGUS.

To understand nail fungus you have to realize that you are dealing with an INTERNAL infection.

The fungus that you see growing under your nails or skin are merely symptoms of what’s happening inside your body. The fungus culprit is hiding deep in your blood and blood vessels, even extending from some internal organs. Your body normally has the ability to fight the ever present fungi that is raging inside of every human. As your immune system weakens with age, diet and exhaustion, fungi multiply faster than your body can kill it. Fungus spores are present in every person and every space that we inhabit.

To heal from fungi infection you must destroy the fungi internally first

and then you can attack the external visual symptoms such as yellowed hard nails, fatigue, brain fog, sinus infections, ringworm, jock itch, bladder infections, canker sores, vaginitis, athletes foot, Candida, colitis, thrush, diaper rash, and alcohol cravings.

This fungi breeding in the blood can cause blood poisoning, liver failure and even death.

A fungal infection should NEVER be ignored. A weakened immune system is the right condition for fungal infections putting you in constant danger of blood infection. Fungal infections that are overlooked by your doctor or ignored by you can lead to amputation and or death.

Nail and skin fungus is a symptom of a systemic infection, the superficial symptoms are not the root cause of the infection as the infection starts inside the body.

If you have infections in the big toe, this directly relates to the internal infection of the liver or spleen congestion.

The second and third toes relate directly to the pancreas and stomach,

the fourth toe relates to the gallbladder,

and the small toe relates to your urinary bladder.

The waste must be cleared out of these organs and systems to eliminate extra fungal and bacteria activity before addressing topical remedies to your nail/skin fungus as these topical remedies will do nothing for it until you clear up the internal organs. If you only treat the visual blemishes the symptoms will return time and again. The most important effective anti-fungal found to cleanse these internal organs and the blood is called, ACTIVATED CHARCOAL. Activated charcoal is the first line of defense when a person is taken to the emergency room for overdose of drugs or chemicals that are toxic to the body. Every emergency room embraces the use of activated charcoal. Because of its unique composition it is almost impossible to overdose on activated charcoal. Activated charcoal gathers free radicals, toxins, fungi and binds them to fats so they can be excreted in your stool and not recirculated through your body.

Activated charcoal should be taken one and a half hours before or 1 ½ hours after prescription drugs.

When a massive fungal infection is raging in your body you must overcome the fungi regeneration process so that your body’s immune system can fight the fungi on its own terms.

Liver regeneration after fungus infection or surgery increased significantly with the use of Carvacrol, an active ingredient of oregano oil. Oregano oil should always be diluted with olive oil or coconut oil at least 1/3 oregano oil to 2/3 carrier oil as it will burn the mouth or skin if used in straight strength.

This natural remedy is side effect free, natural and very inexpensive. Activated charcoal can be taken in powder form or capsules and can be purchased from Walmart, Internet or Vitacost. Do not use barbecue charcoal.

Internal recommended use:
Take one teaspoon of activated charcoal once a day with juice or water;
3 capsules twice a day.
Try to drink 12 to 15 glasses of water a day.
External recommended use:
Next you can use a foot bath, of apple cider, colloidal silver and oil of oregano to speed the healing of the external issues of your nails and skin.

Activated charcoal helps to remove flatulence, gas, foreign proteins, body wastes, free radicals, drugs and poisonous chemicals are bound by the charcoal uses until they can be eliminated before they are absorbed or reabsorbed into your body. Activated charcoal is used as wound dressing, bacterial fighter, food poisoning, diarrhea and fungal infections.

Activated charcoal is used on pets, dogs, cats, children, monkeys and many people.

Activated charcoal purifies water, air, space stations as well as our bodies. Tanzania monkeys were discovered to eat charcoal after eating certain leaves that caused digestive discomfort. The many uses of charcoal are recorded in the book by John Densley.

After fighting toenail fungus for 16 years, I am free from the nail fungus with normal nails within 4 months of starting the activated charcoal remedy!

I never travel anywhere without activated charcoal in my shave Kit. I use the activated charcoal and colloidal silver to fight food poisoning while traveling.


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