Healthy Remedies

Healthy Remedies

Natural remedy for headache.

The number one suggestion for headache remedy is hydration. Water consumption keeps the body flushed of contaminants. Toxins in the body accumulate in the colon and can cause constipation as well as your headache.

Diet ingredients such as caffeine and alcohol, monosodium glutamate and aspartame can initiate headaches. These unwanted additives should be avoided when using a natural remedy to prevent a headache.

Dr. Judy Griffin, through Baylor University, has outlined how flower essences can reduce pain and restore good health. Lavender oil or peppermint oil applied on the back of your neck, and/or your temples, may reduce tension headaches.

Reflexology applied to the feet and hands can be a great benefit to reducing headaches. Even having someone massage your neck and back will reduce the tension in the muscles and usually he’s a headache.

A visit to the chiropractor may be new to you, but has proven for years to give relief to patients that have been plagued by headaches that reoccur and are problematic to relieve.

Stress may be the culprit, that has caused your headache. Exercise, meditation, relaxation and change of daily routine can help ease stress and reduce the chance of headaches.

Ice packs can be used on the areas of your head or neck that seem to generate the headache. Be sure to wrap the gel pack in a towel. Never applied in the ice pack directly to the skin.

Your environment could very well be the cause of your headache. Air pollution in or outside of your home or office, filtering in to your living space, or cigarette smoke can be the underlying cause of your headache.

The herb, white willow bark, relieves pain in inflammatory conditions such as headaches. Ginkgo biloba gotu kola, Omega-3, flax oil, capsicum and magnesium are supplements that improve circulation and reduce headache symptoms.

Support your immune system with natural antibiotics.

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