Healthy Remedies

Healthy Remedies

Silver Bullet for Good Health?

Is there a Silver Bullet for good Health?

Woody was my best friend. We agreed on many things, but we did not agree how to stay healthy.

Woody would not drink water, he only drank Dr Pepper. Woody did not believe in taking supplements.

Nothing that I could tell him would change his mind until one day his beloved childhood sweetheart bride wasn’t healthy anymore.

“James, if you could take just one supplement what would it be,” he nervously quizzed.

I said, “if I was going to recommend only one supplement it would be CoQ10 because it’s needed in every cell structure of every cell in your body, when it becomes depleted (white salt helps to deplete COQ10) you develop heart failure, tooth and hair loss, depression, arrhythmias, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, congestive heart failure and Alzheimer’s just for starters.

But I told Woody there was not a silver bullet for good healththere are some basic elementary steps that everyone can take that will support good health and promote quality long life. COQ10 needs some help. Drink water every day & with every meal.

Ensure that your immune system can fight off all toxins and pollutants that your body is bombarded with every day and has fought thus far in your life. New evidence shows we need 4000 IU of vitamin D a day, you can get that in the summer with exposed skin in the sun. The rest of the year you need to supplement with a whole food vitamin D.

Toxins are coming in from the air, your furniture, insulation, water and foods that you eat. The heavy metals are coming in through your foods, water, garden pesticides, gas pumps and airborne sprays.

When your immune system becomes impaired you are a prime candidate for influenza, superbugs, staph and MRSA infections, that further impact your immune system, sometimes causing greater problems such as cancer or even death.

The remedy is to REPLACE your white salt, with natural pink sea salt, your white sugar with honey and/or organic cane sugar (that is brown), white flour, with whole grain flour, rice flour or buckwheat flour.

These are healthy changes in your diet. These changes are doable and you will notice in a very short time that you begin feeling better.

Woody (65) joined the average 7 out of 10 Americans who before age 65, has a heart attack, stroke, or cancer. He died with a sudden heart attack, his bride (61) joined him three years later with cancer.

Good health and quality of life in retirement years is attainable by making steps in that direction.

Americans have an epidemic, which is evidenced with millions of heart attacks, this epidemic is magnesium deficiency.

The silver bullet for good health&lt is comprised of small steps that you can start taking today.

  •  Drink water, should be filtered (carbon or reversed osmosis.)
  •  Supplement your immune system, (vitamin D, Magnesium, colloidal silver),
    3.  Adjust your diet,
  • a) No white salt, use pink sea salt, 1500mg max a day is best
  • b) No white sugar, use honey ,or organic brown cane sugar (tastes exactly same as white sugar)
  • c) No white flour, use whole grain flour, rice flour or buckwheat flour,
  •  Supplement whole food magnesium, 600-3000mg/day, (Magnesium Lactate)
    5.  Supplement COQ10, 70 mg/day, (Cellular Vitality)
    6.  Supplement EGems, Gamma Tocopherol, Tocotrienols = these are the necessary 8 parts of E!
    7.  Vitamin E (All 8 parts in 3 different perls).
  • DO NOT TAKE OFF SHELF VITAMIN E“! (It only has 1 of the 8 parts.)

    You can get the Vitamin D, colloidal silver, pink sea salt, Magnesium Lactate, Cellular Vitality (CoQ10), by clicking  Here.

    Here are some super foods, best raw but some cooking can be tolerated, raw juice is best:



    Avocado, (with or without the seed)


    These are healing/repairing foods with the strongest being, beet juice.

    A great recipe for juicing:

    2 pounds carrots, 1 large green bell pepper, 3 stalks celery, 1 large bunch of spinach leaves , 1 cucumber, 3 medium to large beets, this recipe is the best tasting best healing/repairing combination you can make, By Norman Walker MD., Raw Vegetable Juices, 1977

     DON’T wait until you are sick to support your immune system, boost it today!

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