Healthy Remedies

Healthy Remedies

Natural Remedy for Stress

Stress exercises that prevent being shrunk.

The reversing of “controlling time” instead of “trying to get caught up with a schedule” or “time controlling you”, will prevent stress.


Turn off the TV, all music, find a place by yourself, quiet, relax and ask the question “how do I feel?” If you feel anxious, upset, or nervous, start with these few techniques.

When the phone rings, take a deep breath, look out the window, or at a pleasing photo then exhale before answering.

Try to have an ending and beginning to each task. This definition will program progress. Take a break between each task. At least a minute.

Throughout the day, take several small breaks of just a couple of minutes each (up to 5 min.). Using this time to oxygenate the lungs, fill your lungs to capacity by inhaling slowly, then exhale slowly pursing your lips as if exhaling through a straw.

Occasionally, close your eyes and become conscious of the sounds and smells in your surrounding. While your eyes are closed, relax the muscles of your body, starting with the small muscles around your eyes, your cheeks, your neck, your shoulders and arms, your back, legs and feet.

Take a walk for pleasure. At least one block twice a week. Increase the distance as your body conditions itself to the ease of the distance. Always drink at least 8 oz. of water prior to your walk.

For the next 21 days practice these exercises daily.

Consciously, think of the complementary things of your day that are not the high points. Take a few moments to think about measuring the coffee, the movements of the vacuum cleaner, walking the hall, observe the architecture, and above all notice the natural life that you live in, such as the birds, the trees, the ants, the flowers and the streams.

Take the time to schedule a year in advance, some downtime that includes the natural life in the above paragraph. Although this can be included in your normal vacation, this time should be special and not rushed. Take a lawn chair to the forest or a stream and sit, relax, read or just sleep. Once a month schedule a few hours or a day, especially for you. Write it down like an appointment with your doctor, its that important! During this time take a walk, drive or sleep, meet a new person, read a new book. Your life will be changed, predicated upon what you read and who you meet next month and each moth thereafter.


Remember to care for your body with natural remedies and supplements.

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