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Healthy Remedies

SUPERBUG 2008 More resistant than 2005

SUPERBUG in 2005 infected over 94,000 and killed over 18650, almost 20% mortality! The bad news is the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, bacteria, (SUPERBUG) in 2008 is more resistant to present day antibiotics!

What is this SUPERBUG? Superbug, known as the acronym MRSA, and the medical description Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, colloidal silver remediesis really a bacteria that has developed a high resistance to all antibiotics that is supposed to kill it. The SUPERBUG will manifest itself in the skin as boils and pimples but is actually spreading via the bloodstream to the essential heart, lungs and other organs. If left untreated or delayed treatment could cause death as it did in 2005. MRSA Superbug bacteria have been around since the beginning of time, HOWEVER, because of antibiotics, this bacteria has MUTATED to become the barely treatable Community-Acquired MRSA SUPERBUG of 2008. This new mutated bacteria has migrated from its regular lair of hospitals and nursing homes to now prey on the young as well as weakened community. Community-Acquired MRSA can appear as an insect or spider bite and then strike the entire body through the bloodstream.

What can be done to prevent SUPERBUG 2008? Doctors and scientist are scrambling to combine approved antibiotics to treat the Community-Acquired MRSA SUPERBUG. Early treatment appears to give the greatest results. Unfortunately MRSA SUPERBUG is a communicable disease that can be spread by coughing or touching such as in schools, mass transit as well as any high density congregation! The Natural News reported “The hilarious thing in all this is that MRSA can easily be killed by colloidal silver, garlic, Chinese herbs or numerous other natural substances that modern doctors continue to pretend don’t exist.” ( There was also an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about Colloidal Silver and its benefits. (As with any supplement or prescription read the suggested use. The media and Doctors that are driven by large pharmaceuticals herald that colloidal silver needs to be re-registered as a drug so they can prescribe it, OR NOT! But in the mean time they cry that colloidal silver is toxic and should not be taken. (Double standard or is it that they can not profit from this supplement?) A leading Texas Toxicologist recently testified that there are NO known side effects WHEN colloidal silver is taken according to the suggested use.)
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