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Swine Flu In Our Family

Swine Flu In Our Family

How could swine flu happen in our family?

We met at a small family gathering from three states in Austin, TX last month. Just before we got in our cars to leave for our separate homes, I gave each of our daughters a “care package”, (colloidal silver, honey and a jar of strawberry preserves we canned last summer). buy colloidal silver NowEveryone called to say they arrived home safely and a couple of phone calls ensued. colloidal silver remediesLast week the phone rang and it was a nurse from a hospital near my daughter’s home in Arkansas. The nurse announced that our daughter (age 24) was severely ill in the emergency room with SWINE FLU! My daughter was too ill to converse. The rest of the family (2 sons under 2 1/2 and husband) were home, ill and QUARANTINED!

The next day my daughter called, very weak but home! How could this be? As it turned out the two young grandson’s came down with a slight fever and upset stomachs but did not vomit. Our daughter placed colloidal silver in their juice and in 24 hours they were fine. Not feeling any sick symptoms, our daughter and son-n-law went about life as usual. When the Swine flu descending upon the adults, it was swift and intense. My daughter started taking the colloidal silver immediately at the recommended “use”. Within six hours they were bed ridden and in 12 hours totally incapacitated (could not walk or stand unassisted). The overnight stay in the hospital was ended when the doctor explained that the fever “broke” mysteriously premature. He mentioned that our daughter’s immune system had to be very strong.

It took a week to regain her normal strength, son-n-law 3 days, grandsons, just a day. My daughter called to say “I used to think colloidal silver was just another of your “health kicks”, but I now believe COLLOIDAL SILVER SAVED MY LIFE! I just wished I had believed enough to have been taking colloidal silver before I got sick.”

Last week the Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that the Swine Flu was upgraded to a pandemic (effecting the entire planet).

This is not just a story of many, but a 10 day old event that struck our own family. This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease, please read disclaimer at bottom of this page.

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